Armstrong Family – Madison, Terri, David, Jack & Anna


My family is awesome.  If someone would have described them to me when I was 20 years old, no way I would have believed it.  The adventures have been awesome; each one of my children has a special way about them, important to me is that they are inspired to make a contribution, to follow what they love and as I often tell them, “don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t do.”

As for me? I find I approach most things by being creative but realistic, enthusiastic but disciplined and optimistic about improvement or finding a solution to any problem.

I’ve been fortunate to be born with the curiosity gene and a little energy, bordering on undiagnosed ADHD.  I’m a first generation American and the difficult and dangerous path my grandparents took to get here motivates me to not waste this privilege.

I value personal relationships. I always try to be authentic and genuinely care about the people around me, involve them in decision making, develop their skills with mine, and provide feedback to reinforce and drive improvements.

I am in a constant discussion with myself about knowing the possibilities, what could be done, and then taking the time to identify what should be done.  I see more interesting things and meet more interesting people when I slow down.


My experience and results come from leading startups. This could be a corporate startup, recovery of an ailing business or a new direction a current company wants to go.

I’ve invested my time and money into things that make a difference; healthcare, education, energy, etc.

It started when I joined the military out of high school, the US Air Force and pursued my engineering degree. I served in war during the 1990-1991 Desert Storm and made life long friends along with core values that solidified then, and continue to this day.

I was a corporate guy for a few years, got my MBA and was caring about things that seem so unimportant now, like ties and shiny shoes and with the encouragement of my best friend, also my wife, I turned my real passion into my life.  I became a tech entrepreneur, and that has made all the difference (Robert Frost).

I’ve been a part of so many things, birth of technologies, transformation of the web from links to pages, from pages to communities, from desktop to mobile.  I have been inspired by some and hopefully inspired others to make things, solve problems, adapt, evolve, keep going.

Evel Knievel is still alive in me.

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