Mr. Vendetti – 5th grade teacher, showed me that it was ‘ok to be creative’. Changed my life.

Joe McInnis – Supervisor in USAF – have a balanced life and still work hard.

Mark Farrell – Shop Chief in USAF – you can have a lot of fun, and work hard too.

Jim Sparks – Friend/Example – do it right, no matter how difficult.

Todd Baxter – 1st Manager after USAF/Friend – people first, process second will win everytime.

Joe Lower – Manager at Dean Witter – details, everything counts.

Jim Schroyer – Preacher – Fixed my view of ‘church’. Thanks Jim.

Phil Wilson – Manager at Convergys – leading the way is the only option, no matter how difficult it may be.

Josh Coates – Tech Entreprenuer/Friend – prevented hundreds of mistakes, showed me the way.