The Plot Summary x3

Three stories that you know,  told to you in a different way.

Careful What You Wish For
There are many people who want a better life. Some work for it, some are lucky. Some work for it and are unlucky. There are those that give up, some give in, others will fight to the end, even if it is their end. This is a story of two women, both are fighting.

A person’s decisions are based on many things. Their experiences, social influences, their mental and emotional strength but most of all, timing often dictates their choice. When that time comes, it is those that are prepared that make the right choice. The free will to choose is yours and yours alone. Choose wisely.

Save Your Friend
A friend that saves your life is a good friend. A friend that enables you to escape certain death, and then enables you to disappear, is a great friend. This is a story of friendship, one that will change the world.

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