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Hello Common Sense Readers,

This is good news, I think. Apple is doing something. They are now running videos on TV that let you know about the new tracking blocking features on iPhones.  You can watch it on YouTube. (link below).  It is worth it.

In the last three years of research on my book, I have found two things to be true.

  1. Nobody cares about privacy, online or not.
  2. Once they know the depth of tracking, they care.

Where the allowance of the data collection starts is the terms of service we click on to download the app faster. I do it too.  We say OK to tracking because we don’t care at that moment.

What Apple has done, is they allow you to turn things off.

However you might feel on the topic of privacy right now; apathetic, angry, relieved, confused, etc.  You now have a choice.  And when people have a choice, they will always choose, “don’t track me.”

Like you, I don’t do anything wrong and my life is pretty boring. Who would want to watch, listen or follow me? However, if it’s easy to say ‘no’, we all would do that.

Apple has taken the first step to allow us to say ‘no’ and we are, all of us. According to analysis by Flurry, just 4% of U.S. users allow apps to track them when given a choice. Kinda ironic they are tracking people who say no to tracking. 🙁

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