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Download Free Preview – [FEAR.THE.PANOPTICON]

Thank you for your interest in my FREE PREVIEW to my upcoming book Fear The Panopticon, Release Date is 07.01.21.

Click here to Play The Warning and Get Access to the Free Download.

In this [PREVIEW], I will review what I learned about the history and current state of government surveillance. I was shocked at the depth of surveillance. I was even more shocked at the apathetic way we all have come to accept it.

I will footnote everything I can so you can learn more. Be careful, the rabbit hole goes deep. This is a sensitive topic for me, and likely for you too. I am a first generation American and a combat veteran. The pride for my country, our rights and freedom run deep inside me. I feel them every day. I work hard to ‘think’ so I can see what I can’t feel. I want to share this with you, I hope you find it valuable. I did.