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Published! – Crime Traveler

I wanted to let you know it is ready. My novel was published today Dec 1, 2021, in all formats; eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, and Audiobook

Here are a few stats

  • 4 Months – Time to Write
  • 87,417 – Words
  • 362 Pages – Print Version
  • 9 hours 20 mins – Length of Audiobook
  • 37 Beta Readers
  • 8 Editorial Passes
  • 6 Cover Versions
  • 28  True Events I used in the book

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing and researching it for you.

The idea for this book came from my curiosity around the debate, is it nature, or is it nurture? Are serial killers born? or made? I’ve been close to the evolution of genetic research for the last twenty years. If we knew the genetic makeup of a person (we can) and the environmental triggers (we do) can we not better understand who might kill, and maybe more important, how to prevent it?

The plot evolved as I also thought about the very real diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder, previously called Multiple Personality Disorder. Who are the alternate personalities? They often have different skills, different voices, and different ages.  Where did they come from?

I fused these two ideas, then added in some characters seeking justice, and some with altruistic intentions with unpredictable outcomes. I continue to wonder if this might be true.  It is fiction, but there is enough fact that might make you think the same thing. Is this true? It might be, I’m not sure myself.

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