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Hello Common Sense Members,

I see at least hundred things a week, here is the one I picked to share with you.

I’m not paranoid, I’m just cautious.  I keep telling myself this.  I’m not paranoid.  I’ve said it so much I believe it. I’m not paranoid.

Then I see a new technology that gets my attention, the kind that sets off the alarm bell. In this case it’s a combination of two technologies.  Amazon Sidewalk and Tile Tags. (links below)

I’ve reviewed the tech specs, I’ve read the articles written, and here is my conclusion, cautious, not paranoid.

Anyone can set up a tile tag ($40), attach it to your car, put it in your jacket, your purse, your backpack (paranoid?). They even come as stickers.

You will never find it. They are small, They are 1 inch in diameter and 1/4 inch thick. Details here:

The Tile App now has a partnership with Amazon, connecting into the new Amazon Sidewalk network.

Amazon Sidewalk enables devices to talk to each other in order to pass information between them.  I didn’t say YOUR devices, it is all devices.  So your neighbor, the stranger who just moved in, etc.

Seriously, I’m not paranoid.  With the combination of Tile and Sidewalk, it would enable anyone to put a self adhesive tile on your car and then through the Sidewalk mesh network, it would enable them to see where you are, whenever they want, from wherever they want. Anyone could put another one in your purse, or in your kids backpack. It is not ok.

Educate yourself, be smart, be aware.

Here are some links to learn more

Amazon Sidewalk:

Tile Tags: