Plot Summary

Joyce Davenport is a veteran crime scene investigator, having seen thousands of scenes she can not unsee. She is inspired to never let a killer go free. She follows a trail of cold cases from a century old, to one that occurred just last month. There is evidence consistent amongst the murders, she doesn’t yet know how that is possible. The location of decades-old evidence is being shared with her, only something the killer would know. She is surprised at what she learns. She reaches out to Dr. Jules Harvey, now more than eighty years old, and discovers what can’t be true.

Dr. Jules Harvey was a psychiatrist in the late ’50s, educated at Harvard, but not part of the popular ‘boys’ club; B.F. Skinner, Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, Henry Murray, David McClelland, and others didn’t listen to her.

She leaves Harvard and takes up a role at Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane in 1968. Dr. Harvey arrives and finds the place clean, full of patients, but empty of anyone that cares. It was emotionally sterile. Most patients are drugged and isolated.  She stops the drugs, asks questions, and listens to their stories. She records the stories from the many personalities she uncovers, all of them had been murdered and are still missing.

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